Lonie Walker - Undergound Wonder Music Recording Artist
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Her spirit soars in the title song "Change Is Good." Her powerful, eclectic style attracts music lovers of all kinds, breaks through boundaries and wins fans in all musical markets. "All her originals are rhythmic based, body movin' warm your heart groove songs, with, of course, the ever tender belly side." Embracing the world are her hits "Living" (The Honey Bee Song), "False Security," "I'll Drop My Pride," "Earthquake and Sugar,""Once In Awhile," "Dreamin,'" "Summer Solstice," and "Baby Blue Blues (Chonka Chonk)." Lonie Walker and her Big Bad Ass Company Band launched the CD "Change is Good" with at a spectacular Benefit Concert at the Park West Theater in Chicago on Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2001.

On her second CD, "Live in Paris", Lonie Walker's powerful, rollicking piano, reminiscent of Fats Waller, and raw yet tender vocals fuse to create a style of profound sensuality and richness.

"I consider myself a pioneer," says Lonie Walker. "I do not style myself after anyone or anything." Quite simply, Lonie is her music and her music is Lonie. Her sense of spirituality, her role as a mother and her many passions--Yoga, recycling, past life regression--add depth and color to the music as well as the woman.

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