Lonie Walker - Undergound Wonder Music Recording Artist
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Lonie's music is a combination of rock/soul/funk/jazz and blues which lays bare her soul and expects no less of the crowd. She is a jazz artist who believes in the importance of fun and the energy of rock n' roll, where the performance is impossible to separate from the music. Her performances are emotional journeys. Driven by a relationship of intense interaction with the audience, she pushes herself to the breaking point of agony and ecstasy. There are no lies when Lonie Walker takes the stage-a performer pure in her emotions whose traveled and driven heart paints smiles on the tortured and draws tears from the coldest of eyes.

Don't look for a one-word description of Lonie Walker's genre - she's strictly Lonie. Lonie calls it Acid Blues. If Acid Blues means a Rockin' Jazz Blues Up Down Soulful Sultry Lively musical Journey, I'd say she's right. When Walker takes the stage, the audience senses that there is no where else that she would rather be. Drawn into her passion, the audience shares her pure love of music, her free spirit and her joy. There is nowhere they would rather be either. To date, Lonie and her Big Bad Ass Company Band have performed over 1900 live shows to packed houses, thrilled audiences from around the world and produced three CD's on her Underground Wonder Music label. Her latest CD, "Change is Good," is her first with all original songs. Raw, tender, introspective and bursting with joy all at the same time, "Change is Good" is a true fusion of musical styles, connecting with audiences through its driving honesty of emotions.

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