Lonie Walker - Undergound Wonder Music Recording Artist
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"A great joint"
By Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald Correspondent

... a great patroness and a great lineup for all you crazy late-nighters (and remember, only your mama loves you more)

Ask the regulars why they come to the Underground Wonder Bar and they invariably respond with two words: Lonie Walker.

"Only your mother loves you more," says Walker, the spirited singer/pianist and owner of the Wonder Bar. It's easy to believe her. A smart, determined woman with a quick wit and an easy laugh, Walker is more than proprietor and performer. She is the heart and soul of this intimate club located on a patch of Gold Coast that is bordered by State, Walton, Rush and Oak. An engaging performer with a husky voice, "Real fun music" says the orange neon in the window, and the performers do their best to live up to the promise. Along with the pop-rock-soul-funk-jazz-blues combination, there is a solid dose of humor. "Our music is eclectic," Walker says. "We're not strictly jazz, so we call it cabaret."

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