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... a Prose / Poetry / Musical / Dance

Written for children and others by Lonie Walker, original music composed by Lonie Walker.

This work is intended for stage- to be danced in the style of Isadora Duncan, and the way children dance when they think there's no one around.

We are presenting our first public performance of the work (Aug. 24,1998) before recording it, as a concept album.

The play includes everyone's favorite song for the new millennium- DREAMIN'.

It's a play about hope. I hope together We won't "stop on someone else's STAR', It just might not be as far".

I believe we all choose the conditions we want to be born into in this life - not just the setting of the birth ( although I do believe that to be very important) - but who our parents are, who our siblings will be, and what we need to learn from them and/or what we can teach them. Good or bad, right or wrong. Only some of us believe and realize this. The thing I do know, is that for me, the more I thought about it, it started to make more sense.

This musical began taking shape in 1989, when I first wrote the music, Dreamin', Reachin' out for a Rainbow, and The Feel Good Song. The Feel Good Song got it's name because I used to "make" my kids ( all boys ) come into the music room , if they were fighting , and sing this song until they felt good about each other and themselves again. Pretty tough punishment stuff. That same year I conceived and opened the Underground Wonder Bar. It took 9 years ( a complete cycle) before the script was ready to be born.this performance and all others to come will be dedicated to my children and others.

©Copyright 1998 Lonie Walker -- All Rights Reserved

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